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Jiná krajina
Řeznická 4‎, Praha 1
Jídla od:   79 Kč
Rozvoz jídla
Po-Ne 15:00-21:30
Telefonní číslo
222 231 148
U pokrmů z Jiné krajiny, dbají především na přirozenou chuť a vůni, a právě si většinu surovin pěstují sami ve skleníku. Jídla jsou sestavovaný a děláný zkušenými kuchaři tak, aby si vybral každý. Užijte si pokrmy z masa, ryb, italských těstovin a salátů.

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39 až 59 Kč dle vzdálenosti

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Jiná krajina - tipy, hodnocení, recenze restaurace

Hidden gem, very small, very local, just under the hotel. Food is local, and great. Not fancy or attractive, but good enough for quite breakfast at the weekend.

Martin K.
Tables at the garden are really nice, food and beer was tasty, service was good and the pricing is pleasant. Deodorants on toilets were nice surprise.

Michal A.
I am not sure why this pub has so great reviews. They have definitely cheep lunch menu but the quality and taste unfortunately match this low price.

Food is so tasty! We tried pork medallions , salmon and salad with chicken liver. Everything was delicious. Czechs know how to cook meat. Also, try tiramisu here, it was awesome.

Andras G.
Pork cheeks were amazing!

Abigail O.
I had the creamy carrot soup. Best soup ever ❤️. As main course I took the Greek salad. Very good. My mom took the same and my brother had the chicken breast in bbq-sauce. Amazing as well.

Neil B.
Really good food. High quality. Very very busy, so book- even for the lunch menu.

Daria A.
It’s super fast and tasty

Roma B.
The had a set lunch special - the veg options sell out - but food was good!

Robert D.
Very good food at very good prices

Dmitry B.
Great food, served like in a restaurant. Very tasty and cosy!

Adam K.
Lunch menus for nice price (130 including soup), different types of cuisines. Beef jaws with potato mash were great and the peas soup too. Reservation during lunch required, it's very popular.

Muffin Man
WHY THERE: affordable meal. DISHES: interesting. LOCATION: close to mainstream (convenient). PRICES: average (reasonable)

Tasty food, but echoing acoustics can make it loud inside

Madeline V.
Great vegetarian options! Small space that doesn’t seem to be crowded out by tourists. Be sure to bring cash!!

Fernanda A.
I must say this was the best meal I've had in Prague so far. Really delicious food and beer. The staff is friendly and the service was fast. I loved it!

Christoph K.
Very good food!

Antoinette M.
Food was yummy!

Adam K.

Michal .
Vyborne quesadilly a nefiltrovana Policka! 🌯🍺

René N.
delicious lunch

Adrian A.
Decent food but service was terrible. Plates were slammed on the table. The waitress was on the phone when she took my order and rolled her eyes when I couldn't understand her.

Miranda B.
The guacamole was frozen and flavorless, but the Greek salad was delicious!

Martin M.
This is top place in Prague. Don't miss it at lunch for menu deal or at dinner for a date.

Lenora R.
Great for lunch. Quick and tasty. Reservation needed during lunch hours.

Vasek S.
Payment only in cash

Helka R.
Surprisingly nice food! The only drawback is the staff- could not be less customer friendly, rushed and nervous before the closing time. But I'll give them a 2nd chance :)

Filip J.
Burger is excellent

Nacho S.
Original recipes made with careful and good taste. They have two delightful beers on tap, not easy to find. Service was so kind, and thankfully the place is totally non-smoking. Bravo.

Sasha K.
Great lunchs and unusual fresh kitchen. Water is for free.